Licensing & Certification Testing

CPS HR offers a full range of licensing and certification services — from program design to delivery to total program management. Because each profession has unique challenges, we tailor our services to meet your program’s specific needs.

You can rely on CPS HR to ensure the integrity of the testing process. Regardless of the scope, our clients get creative, cost-effective and professional service that makes their jobs easier and lets them focus their resources in other essential areas. By choosing CPS HR, you’ll have a legally defensible, valid and reliable licensing and certification program that’s built on decades of experience and best practices.

  • + Consulting Services
    • ANSI, ICE and NCCA standards
    • Program design and start-up
    • Market research
    • Psychometric analysis review

  • + Examination Development
    • Practice/job analysis
    • Examination blueprint/Test plan development
    • Test design and construction
    • Item development and review
    • Data management – integration, reporting and storage
    • Statistical analysis
    • Practical examination design services
    • Standard setting and cut score determination
    • Examination equating/Parallel test design
    • Technical report documentation
    • Candidate preparation and study guide development

  • + Examination Administration
    • Test site coordination
    • Vast pool of skilled and trained professional proctors
    • Exam administration (paper/pencil, CBT, oral and practical)
    • ADA compliance and other special accommodations
    • Secure, in-house printing of exam materials

  • + Candidate Management
    • Candidate communication
    • Customized solutions for candidate management
    • Applicant registration and fee management
    • Eligibility determination
    • Continuing education requirements
    • Recertification and renewals management
    • Score reporting