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Classroom Training:

Basic Supervision for
State Supervisors

Making the transition to first-time supervisor can be challenging. A new skill set is needed to adapt to new roles and responsibilities and demonstrate needed Leadership skills in the state of California. This program, Part 1 & 2, meets the requirements of Government Code Section 19995.4(b) for new supervisor training.

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Basic Supervision Training

HR Academy

Specially designed to address the unique human resources needs of the public sector, our HR Academy trains those new to the field but can also help your more experienced practitioners enhance their skills.

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HR Academy

Risk Management Practitioner (RMP) Program

Learn the building blocks to establish, develop and embed risk management as a business process in your public sector organization.

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Leadership Training by CPS HR Consulting

The simple solution for state mandated training

Meet Simon. Simon works in a leadership role for the State of California. Like so many other managers, supervisors or CEAs in the State of California, he needs to take 20 hours of leadership training to meet the state mandate.

CPS HR can help you meet the California requirement for leadership training with Leadership Lanes. Leadership Lanes are eight different programs that allow you to satisfy the requirement with time- and budget-friendly workshops. Each program covers a different topic, so you can choose the area of focus that will be most relevant to your agency.

But don't delay. The first deadline to meet the state mandate is June 30, 2018.

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The Integrated Leadership Development Program (ILDP)is a unique multi-component approach to leadership development, providing the participant with opportunities for assessment and feedback, reflection, coaching and skill development.

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Skilled instructors from CPS HR can bring training to your facilities! We can even customize the courses to meet your agency?s specific objectives.

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