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360 degrees feedback
A 360°assessment serves as a snapshot of human potential within an organization. It enhances an individual’s awareness of his/her strengths and areas for improvement to guide developmental planning and training initiatives.

The 360° assessment is designed to identify areas for development to help those in formal leadership roles become better leaders and to identify developmental opportunities for others who would benefit from strengthening their leadership competencies. This standard, off-the-shelf assessment also includes notifications, reports and administrative support. For clients with unique objectives, we also provide custom solutions for survey development, administration, reporting and follow-up.

Based on specific competencies and key behaviors that span different areas of general leadership, the online assessment allows subjects to receive consolidated and actionable feedback from supervisors, direct reports, peers and other stakeholders such as customers/clients. Each subject also performs a self-assessment to identify gaps between behaviors observed by others and self-perceived behaviors. The outcome of the assessment defines areas of focus and serves as a baseline for promoting progress through development initiatives. ‍

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