CPS HR Consulting

Environmental Health Specialist


Application Instructions

This evaluation will determine if you have met any of the specific course requirements listed under California Health and Safety Code Section 106635 and will include any additional course work required. Your evaluation will take approximately 4-6weeks to be completed after the receipt of your application(s) and all applicable college transcripts. To receive your transcript evaluation results, you must also submit an application to the CA Department of Public Health -REHS Program. This application can be found on their website here: Registered Environmental Health Specialist Program (ca.gov).Please contact REHSprog@cdph.ca.gov for more information.

Please follow the below steps for the EHS Transcript Evaluation process:

  1. Submit the EHS Transcript Evaluation application: Apply (cpshr.us). Online registration is required for all applicants; mail-in applications are not accepted.
  2. Send us your official transcripts. You can either mail the official transcript in its original sealed envelope to our address (provided below) or if the college offers an electronic transcript service, they can email it directly to us at ehsmailbox@cpshr.us. Please be sure to send all college transcripts where you completed math and science courses, along with the posting of your bachelor’s degree. This includes Community College transcripts.

    Mailing address:
    CPS HR Consulting
    Attn: EHS Transcript Evaluation
    2450 Del Paso Road, Suite 160
    Sacramento, CA 95834

Option V

Please note, if you completed an Option V degree from one of the listed schools here: Option V (cpshr.us), you will not go through CPS HR Consulting for the transcript evaluation and will need to contact REHSprog@cdph.ca.gov for more information.

Foreign Transcripts

If you completed math and science courses, along with earning your bachelor’s degree outside of the United States, you will need to go through one of the foreign transcript services listed here:60282214ab6fa11436279dd6_ForeignTranscripts.pdf (website-files.com). You will not apply with CPS HR Consulting for the transcript evaluation.

Request the evaluation service to forward a letter to the CA Department of Public Health -REHS Program stating that your degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree offered by a United States college or university, listing each course completed with semester equivalency and all laboratory sections including in organic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, and calculus or college algebra. 

If you have received a previous transcript evaluation from CPS HR Consulting and need to update your evaluation letter, please contact us via email at ehsmailbox@cpshr.us or by phone at (916) 471-3522.