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Our services include job analysis, selection tool development (including written examinations, interviews, training and experience evaluations, etc.), assessment centers, and test and administration. CPS HR provides the ideal, objective resources for determining a candidate's job-related expertise and competence for the position at hand.

An assessment center is a standardized selection process for evaluating behavior through a series of exercises that simulate real-life job tasks or situations. Assessment centers are most commonly used for public safety promotional testing, but may also be used for managerial/supervisory testing and development. Candidates complete multiple exercises, such as a role-play exercise, an in-basket exercise, a writing exercise, a presentation, an interview, a tactical exercise, etc. Candidate performance is measured across a series of job-related dimensions comprised of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform in the target rank/job.

CPS HR offers the full range of assessment center services, including job analysis, exam plan development, exercise development, assessor recruitment and training, candidate scheduling and notification, candidate orientation, assessment center administration, candidate feedback reports, validation reports, the finalization of candidates scores, and expert testimony and legal support. ‍

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