Craig Trombly
B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of California, Davis

Craig, a registered Civil Engineer, has 36 years of experience working in the California Department of Water Resources and managed staff and projects there for 30 years, holding increasing levels of responsibility. When he retired in December 2017, Craig oversaw the Project Water Management Group of about 40 staff, who develop, negotiate, and administer complex water contracts with other agencies.

Craig has been highly involved in the Strengths Movement since reading Now, Discover Your Strengths in 2003, and taking the StrengthsFinder Program. In May 2016 he became a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach. He is highly knowledgeable of the research and practice of this material in the workplace, in career development, and in life. Craig leads CPS HR classes to introduce staff and managers to the principles of strengths-based management, leadership, and performance. He also has coached numerous managers, leaders, and staff using CliftonStrengths as a basis for strengths-based coaching, development, and performance.

Since 2013, Mr. Trombly has also presented to the following Clients:

  • CPS HR Open Enrollment Classes
  • State of California – Departments of Child Support Services, Employment Development, Social Services, Motor Vehicles, State Controller’s Office, California Correctional Health Care Services
  • Sonoma County
  • City of Dublin