CPS HR Consulting

Recruitment Team

Gloria Timmons

Executive Recruiter

Gloria Timmons is a human resources professional with over 25 years of experience in human resources administration and management. Her experience has encompassed a variety of human resources functions including organizational assessment and strategy, recruiting and selection, layoff administration and retention rights, personal services contract administration, compensation, training, employee relations, background check policy administration, employee engagement and position management. Prior to joining CPS HR Consulting in 2016, Gloria spent 20 years with the University of Colorado, Boulder where her roles included Recruitment Manager and Employment Services Director. In her work as an Executive Recruiter with CPS HR, she works with organizations to fill a variety of positions including Executive Director, Chief Human Resources Officer, Transportation Director, City Clerk, Finance Director, and Library Director. Gloria believes the successful development of high performing teams begins with hiring the right people. She strives to identify the most technically qualified candidates while placing an emphasis on finding the right cultural fit with the organization. Gloria has significant experience in guiding leaders through the evaluation and selection process to enhance the effectiveness of their hires. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management.