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The ongoing call for social change and reform that started in 2020 is not just changing the world we live in; it is also dramatically changing the places we work. DEI practices and methodologies that were practical and recommended before 2020 are drastically different post-2020.  Many organizations are currently in the process of revamping and revitalizing their diversity efforts and that is where CPS HR can partner with you.  DEI efforts have historically been focused solely on compliance, mandated training or recruitment.  While these are important components to understanding diversity, there is much more to consider.  We take a comprehensive approach to DEI to help our clients not just “check a box” but really move the needle for their organization.  We use a broad definition of diversity to not only include race and gender, but we consider the diversity among different age groups, abilities, work styles, thought processes and more.  We offer an extensive suite of services r to help you gather data and metrics, plan goals, partake in learning and education and track progress over time. We begin by meeting you were you are in your journey with the goal of taking you where you want to be

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As a self-supporting public agency, we understand the needs of public sector clients and have served as a trusted advisor to our clients for more than 30 years in various human resources service areas.   Organizations are more likely to flourish when employees feel acknowledged and respected.  Our DEI services are centered around providing customized solutions to our clients based on their individual needs.

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