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Elevate Your Team's Writing Skills with CPS HR Consulting x High Value Writing Partnership

At CPS HR Consulting, we understand the importance of effective communication in achieving business success. That’s why we’ve partnered with High Value Writing to offer exclusive classes designed to elevate your team’s writing skills. High Value Writing is dedicated to empowering professionals with exceptional writing abilities. Whether your goal is to improve email communication, reinforce writing fundamentals, or master techniques for clear and concise messaging, our classes have you covered. With our expert guidance, your team will be equipped to communicate with confidence and clarity.


The program consists of five days of critical content and application. Click on the tabs above to see the course content for each class.

Currently, all courses are delivered as virtual training. We incorporate an eLearning course and live virtual training. Each eLearning will take roughly four hours to complete and does not have to be completed in one sitting.

Business Writing Fundamentals

Business Writing has different demands and expectations, compared with the writing you may have done for school. Learn to shine in your career by writing clear, actionable, professional emails and documents.

Professional success depends on clear, thoughtful communication. You can use your Business Writing to both inform and connect with your readers. Your readers will appreciate writing that's clear, concise, respectful.

This course will help you put your best foot forward professionally, and develop strong relationships with your readers. This self-paced course includes strategies, examples, and practice opportunities.

Learning Objectives
  • Adapt your writing to different situations
  • Understand the differences between academic and business writing expectations
  • Consider your reader's needs, values, constraints, and preferences
  • Apply practical strategies to make your writing more clear and concise
  • Begin your message with a clear main point
  • Write intentionally for your readers and to meet goals
  • Write actionably to support your readers and meet business outcomes

Clear and Concise Writing

Get your message out there clearly and concisely, and feel good about your writing in the process Learn to craft concise, targeted messages that provide your readers what they want and need —without overloading them with words.

Concise writing helps prevent confusion and misinterpretation too. This course will show you three strategies for writing in a way that's naturally concise from the start. That means less editing time as well.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the causes of wordiness in our writing
  • Provide meaning to your readers quickly and easily
  • Use a naturally concise sentence structure
  • Avoid words and sentence structures that cause wordiness
  • Choose verbs that increase concision and reduce wordiness
  • Manage tone and concision simultaneously

For more information, contact the CPS HR Training Center at 916.263.3614 or trainingcenter@cpshr.us

Effective Emailing

In today's remote work landscape, leaders and teams use email more than ever. You may email with people you'll never meet in person; this means your relationships depend on your writing.

This course will help you clarify your point, give your reader action items, and spend less time writing and editing emails overall. This self-paced course includes strategies, examples, and practice opportunities.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize and respond to reader needs
  • Provide your reader with a clear main point
  • Provide a Call to Action to help your reader follow up
  • Use a strategic subject line that increases reader comprehension
  • Use the email heading functions with purpose

Strategic Writing for Leaders

As a leader, your writing represents you. The words you use with your team also impact their performance. To meet business outcomes while building strong, trusting professional relationships, leaders can make sure they're writing strategically.

By using intentional language, leaders can increase their teams' motivation and engagement. Similarly, leaders can use intentional language to manage conflict and build strong team community.

This course will help you understand the ways language impacts morale, retention, and team wellness. You'll also find strategies for giving feedback and redirecting team members when needed.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the two sides of meaning and interpretation
  • Write for today's readers
  • Build trust and community through intentional writing
  • Manage conflict and employee issues through intentional writing
  • Represent yourself with confidence and authority
  • Inspire confidence and action in others

Writing Performance Reviews

Make the performance review process truly useful and applicable by using language that helps employees grow. Writing reviews takes time, but the best reviews are simultaneously concise while actionable.

Provide your direct reports with clear, actionable critiques and steps forward. Learn a writing formula to ease the writing process and ensure you provide practical advice.

This course will help you write reviews that are objective, evidence-based, and motivating. Erin

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the two sides of written meaning: informational and emotional
  • Write review statements that offer tangible, actionable ways forward
  • Write review statements that motivate the reader to reflect and grow
  • Reduce time spent writing reviews by applying a writing formula
  • Use concise, actionable language
  • Provide correction without demotivating
For more information, contact the CPS HR Training Center at 916.263.3614 or trainingcenter@cpshr.us.