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HR department workloads are increasing, with literally no end in sight. We offer an affordable outsourcing solution for public agencies that just don’t have the time, staff or resources to do everything themselves. Outsourcing can improve efficiencies, save money and help you focus energy and resources to shift your organization to a higher level of performance.

CPS HR has been delivering training programs since 2004 to those who work in public sector organizations, including federal, state and local agencies, boards, commissions and non-profits. Our curriculum is specifically designed for public sector employees. With more than 150 soft skills courses, CPS HR supports employee development by providing:

  • A professional learning environment
  • Practical materials
  • Experienced instructors
  • Interactive and applied learning experiences
  • Nationwide training

Courses focus on the skills, knowledge and competencies employees need to succeed in today’s public-sector workplace. In addition to the individual open enrollment classes that we offer at CPS HR facilities, we can deliver:

  • Customized or off-the-shelf classes at your workplace. This option provides for greater cost-savings and convenience for employees.
  • Hosted training (an “open enrollment”) at your site.
  • Virtual training. This is a great option for geographically distributed staff.

Career development is a continuous path, not a series of isolated moments. That’s why CPS HR has developed its courses as milestones along that path, so that you and your team members can stay focused on the strategic big picture of your careers.

Explore our training courses, training programs, group training and more by visiting the CPS HR Consulting Training Center.