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Our services include job analysis, selection tool development (including written examinations, interviews, training and experience evaluations, etc.), assessment centers, and test and administration. CPS HR provides the ideal, objective resources for determining a candidate's job-related expertise and competence for the position at hand.

Hiring the right person for the job all starts with understanding the work performed on the job and the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) that are needed to be successful in the position.

Job analysis can ensure that any recruitment and selection process identifies the most qualified candidates in a fair and legally-defensible manner. CPS HR conducts job analysis studies for any job classification and occupation. Each job analysis study follows a task-based methodology in adherence with the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and other relevant, recognized legal and professional standards and guidelines.

Once completed, the job analysis study and resultant data will serve as the foundation for exam plan development and to validate an agency's recruitment/selection activities. It can also provide the data for a number of human resources activities including developing/updating job descriptions, classification specifications, and minimum qualifications; training and development planning; performance management and workforce planning initiatives. ‍

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