Recruitment Team

Joanne Peterson

Executive Recruiter

Joanne Peterson is a proven visionary and leader in supporting and sustaining a healthy workplace culture. Ms. Peterson has over twenty-five years of direct experience in the public sector. She has worked with local government organizations and associations, predominately in human resource management, County management, and metropolitan transportation authority among others. Prior to joining CPS HR Consulting she served as the Chief Human Capital & Development Officer for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In this role, she served as department chief leading a staff of HR professionals that is comprised of eight operating units, including Talent Acquisition (recruitment, selection hiring, compensation & classification and employee on-boarding), Strategic Workforce Planning (short/long term workforce projects, succession planning, and veteran outreach), Employee Relations and Talent Development (employee readiness and employee advancement), Labor Relations, Pension and Benefits and General Services. She has built world-class workforce programs with a focus on change management, leadership development and strategic planning. The hallmark of her career has been to develop our future leaders while building strategic workforce plans.

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General Manager of Commuter Rail
Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

Zachary Thomas

Utah Transit Authority has selected Zachary Thomas to assume the role of General Manager of Commuter Rail. Mr. Thomas comes to the Utah Transit Authority previously serving as the Acting General Manager of Commuter Rail for Utah Transit Authority. Mr. Thomas is familiar with all aspects of the FrontRunner service unit from regulatory, personnel, training, dispatch, budgetary, maintenance, MOW, Union Pacific coordination, and the future Strategic Double Tracking project and brings over 20 years of experience in the railroad industry. He will begin in his role on January 8.

Labor Relations Officer
Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

David Kelly

Utah Transit Authority has selected David Kelly to assume the role of Labor Relations Officer. Mr. Kelly comes to the Utah Transit Authority previously serving as the Assurance-Quality Improvement/Data Analytics Director for Toiyabe Indian Health Project. Mr. Kelly has constructing and interpreting complex financial models to facilitate in-depth analysis and brings over 12 years of experience fostering collaborative relationships between employees and management. He will begin in his role on January 8.

Assistant Human Resources Officer
Santa Clara Valley Water District

Anna Lee

Santa Clara Valley Water District has selected Anna Lee to assume the role of Assistant Human Resources Officer. Ms. Lee comes to the District previously serving as the Service Center Manager, Employee Services Agency – Employee Benefits Department for Santa Clara County. Ms. Lee has strong people skills, creating positive working relationships, understanding business, and staffing needs, developing workforce planning and HR process improvement, and brings over 23 years of management experience. She will begin in her role on March 4th.