County of Napa, CA

Assistant Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services

Napa, California
$154,378 – $187,616
Filing Deadline:
First review of applications: September 01, 2021
Pamela Derby
Manager/Executive Recruiter
CPS HR Consulting

County of Napa, CA is seeking an Assistant Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services. Under administrative direction, the Assistant Director supports the Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services in directing, managing, and overseeing the activities and operations of the Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department, including assigned divisions, programs, and functional areas; coordinates assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies; provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services; acts as the Director of Building, Planning and Environmental Services in their absence.

The next Assistant Director:

  • Has the integrity and respect to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, elected and appointed officials, community organizations, local jurisdictions, regional and state agencies, and interested parties.
  • Is a proactive and imaginative problem solver who thinks beyond the constraints of traditional government or conventional business practices. Not driven by ego, but derives satisfaction from serving the community through quality work and relationships, innovation, and the successful implementation of County policy.
  • Has knowledge and practical experience in professional organization management including budget, staff supervision, hiring and discipline, project management, goal setting and implementation; is an experienced, proficient, and supportive manager who treats people compassionately, fairly, and equitably; can create effective collaboration and teamwork among staff operating within a variety of programs; and has a history of empowering staff in a manner that stimulates creativity and accountability.
  • Has strong leadership skills, including a solid ethical foundation; a vision for the department to meet community needs by taking into account future trends and complements the County Strategic Plan; the ability to develop and promote a diverse and productive work environment and to lead, manage, and supervise multiple teams within a large organization; having prior experience serving a highly engaged and informed population is highly desirable.
  • Has the judgment and discretion to make timely decisions based on a firm foundation of ethics, law, policy, and the public good; the ability to seek out and consider other affected parties in making decisions, including those who may have alternative views; and the dedication to defend difficult and/or unpopular decisions and to see them through to completion.

Detailed Description: PDFDetailed Description: PDF