Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC)

Executive Director

Olympia, Washington
$127,000 - $152,000
Filing Deadline:
July 24, 2022

Washington State Human Rights Commission is seeking an Executive Director.  As the Executive Director of the Human Rights commission (HUM), you will oversee an agency of 25-34.5 FTE’s charged with eliminating and preventing discrimination throughout Washington State.  You will be responsible for enforcement of RCW 49.60 and interpreting the law which includes setting guidelines for agency staff to enforce compliance with state and federal civil rights laws.  You will review cases for correct application of the law, precedent setting issues, and request for legal advice for mitigation purposes.  You will provide training to stakeholders regarding rights and responsibilities under Washington State Law.  The intentional outreach effort, decreases the number of claims, increases awareness and educates organizations on the process.

In addition, you will effectively manage the agency resources by providing budget projections, adequate staffing levels and by implementing programs in compliance with Federal regulations and ensuring agency policies clearly outline how the operations will be run.   You will develop a long and short range strategic plan addressing; quality of investigations, performance standards, budget planning, technical expertise and staffing strategies for future caseloads.

Fatima Nukic
Associate Executive Recruiter
CPS HR Consulting
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