City of Gillette

City Administrator

Gillette, Wyoming
$170,000 - $200,000
Filing Deadline:
First review of applications: July 12, 2023

City of Gillette is seeking an exceptional and forward-thinking leader to serve as its City Administrator. The City desires an entrepreneurial, collaborative leader who can engage with an active, diverse, and involved community, has experience leading and innovating on economic development issues, and who will bring a sense of urgency on issues affecting the community and the organization.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a high respect and understanding of Wyoming and Gillette qualities.
  • Seek a long-term home and commitment to the City of Gillette.
  • Exhibit the attributes of a top-notch leader, including integrity, transparency, resiliency, visionary, team builder, approachable, thick skinned.
  • Follow through on issues in a timely and decisive manner; understands that many issues are not black and white.
  • Keep all elected officials equally informed of issues in the organization and the community.
  • Have a strong background in community development and real estate.
  • Be an innovative, solution orientated administrator who brings a sense of urgency to moving the organization and community forward.
  • Have good written and oral communication skills, including being an active listener. Can communicate with people with diverse backgrounds.
  • Have strong financial skills.
David Niemeyer
Executive Recruiter
CPS HR Consulting
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