County Counsel

Ventura, California
The current base salary for the General Counsel is $280,906, which increases 2.5% in December.
Filing Deadline:
December 18, 2020

County of Ventura, CA is seeking a County Counsel.  The ideal County Counsel will be a strong generalist legal professional who is well-versed in public law with experience in transactional/advisory work in a mid-large size public agency. The successful candidate will be transparent, highly ethical and possess a proven track record for providing sound and practical legal advice on a range of topics relating to local government. The next County Counsel possesses the political aptitude to anticipate issues of concern, is a creative problem-solver resourceful in ascertaining information quickly and is adept at finding a path through difficult issues. Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal – and the ability to present technical information in an easily understood manner are essential. The Board of Supervisors is ultimately seeking servant leaders who engender the principles that County Counsel works for the Board as a whole and that the role of County Counsel is to provide impartial, nonpolicy driven recommendations based on the law. The County’s proposed FY20-21 total budget is $2.4 billion and includes more than 9,000 allocated FTEs. The County provides a broad variety of services that includes safety and social services as well as two hospitals and a large health care system, plus two airports and a harbor. In addition to the qualifications previously stated, desirable competencies and characteristics include:

  • Maintains very high ethical standards and is a person of exceptional character who naturally earns the confidence and trust of others and does not compromise under pressure.
  • Previous exposure to legal issues around healthcare, disaster recovery and oil production.
  • Strong negotiating skills and experience working with politically sensitive issues.
  • Expertise in California public meeting law and labor law.
  • Experience with complex litigation and the management of contracts with outside counsel.
  • A strong leader who values the input and expertise of staff, supports professional development and fosters an internal culture of open communication, trust and accountability.
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