Organizational Strategy

Developing an organizational strategy involves comparing your current state to its targeted state, and then understanding what is required for the desired changes to take place. Because each organization has unique challenges, we tailor our services to meet your program’s specific needs.

The right people in the right jobs doing the right things – this is no longer a fantasy for public-sector leaders but instead a requirement for long-term success. Workforce planning strategically aligns people management with business strategy. Workforce plans should be flexible, ongoing and linked to strategies. CPS HR integrates strategic planning, program management, organizational analysis, human resources practices and budget requirements into one comprehensive workforce plan aligned with the vision of the organization. At CPS HR, our work results in a comprehensive strategic plan containing strategies that could include recruitment and retention activities, automation/technology solutions, succession planning, training and development and performance management activities. CPS HR’s workforce planning provides managers with a focused and strategic approach to make not only human resource decisions, but to anticipate changes and proactively address workforce issues.

Workforce Planning

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You don’t expect to be doing the same job for the rest of your life, and neither do your employees. From proactive identification of your next cadre of leaders to reducing the impact of unexpected turnover, CPS HR succession planning ensures your continued success. A succession plan will help you anticipate and prepare for changes that will or can occur both expectedly and unexpectedly among your organization’s key employees.

A succession plan built with CPS HR assistance incorporates your organizational values, your EEO goals, your changing business scope and the development systems that will help you "grow your own" leaders who are prepared for short- and long-term vacancies.

Succession Planning

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Performance management is a holistic process that aims to meet organizational goals strategically through the effective management of employees. CPS HR teams with you to build performance management systems that support your mission while providing the tools, techniques and processes to ensure feedback, recognition and development input for staff. CPS HR can design or upgrade your performance appraisal tools to provide the flexibility and defensibility you need in a public-service environment with complex regulation. Components of a sound performance management process include clear performance expectations, consistent feedback, performance appraisals based on measurable behaviors, employee recognition and training and development.

Performance Management

Engaged employees are fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work and act in ways that further their organization’s interests. It is, in fact, a measurable degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization that profoundly influences the willingness to learn and perform at work.

CPS HR experts collaborate with you to identify engagement levels, which may take the form of helping clients develop employee surveys. We also analyze and report the results, and develop action plans to address issues. We can also provide training and facilitation around employee engagement issues.

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Whenever an organization imposes new things (policy, software, projects or even cutbacks) on people there will be challenges. CPS HR can help you manage change in a way that employees can cope with it. At CPS HR, we’re prepared to assist with the processes, tools and techniques for managing the people-side of change.

We offer experts who can partner with your organization to prepare for change (preparation, assessment, strategy development), manage the change (detailed planning and implementation) and reinforce change (data gathering, corrective action, recognition to ensure short- and long-term success of your business process – whatever it is.)

Change Management

CPS HR conducts comprehensive organizational and/or departmental assessments. This is accomplished by gathering data and soliciting staff input to create an accurate picture of the “as is” working environment. We work with our clients to design a recommended future “to be” structure and perform a gap analysis to guide them toward their goals.

This may involve both internal and external “customers” and stakeholders of the organization, process mapping, gathering and developing operational metrics, best practices studies, developing an implementation plan and other activities as appropriate. We may also offer change management and implementation assistance to help the client implement new organization and business process models.

Organizational Assessment

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