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The experts at CPS HR provide a comprehensive range of recruitment services to ensure that you hire the most qualified individuals for your team. Our services include job analysis, recruitment, executive search, selection tool development (including written examinations, interviews, training and experience evaluations, etc.), assessment centers, and test and administration. CPS HR provides the ideal, objective resources for determining a candidate's job-related expertise and competence for the position at hand.

Hiring the right person for the job all starts with understanding the work performed on the job and the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) that are needed to be successful in the position. Job analysis can ensure that any recruitment and selection process identifies the most qualified candidates in a fair and legally-defensible manner. CPS HR conducts job analysis studies for any job classification and occupation. Each job analysis study follows a task-based methodology in adherence with the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and other relevant, recognized legal and professional standards and guidelines. Once completed, the job analysis study and resultant data will serve as the foundation for exam plan development and to validate an agency's recruitment/selection activities. It can also provide the data for a number of human resources activities including developing/updating job descriptions, classification specifications, and minimum qualifications; training and development planning; performance management and workforce planning initiatives.

Job Analysis

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With decades of experience in recruitment and selection, CPS HR has the expertise, resources and processes to help you secure the best talent. And because we understand that your agency has its own unique requirements, you’ll get the right recruitment solutions for your needs – we can lead the entire recruitment and selection process or you can choose any combination of individual services:

  • Recruitment Planning
  • Targeted Job Analysis
  • Applicant Management System
  • Advertising, Outreach and Sourcing
  • Job Announcements
  • Applicant Screening
  • Written Exams
  • Structured Oral Exams
  • List Provision
  • Hiring Interviews and Verification
  • Project Management

With our experts on the job, you can focus more attention on the strategic direction of your agency, while we get the qualified people in place to help put your strategy into action.

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An assessment center is a standardized selection process for evaluating behavior through a series of exercises that simulate real-life job tasks or situations. Assessment centers are most commonly used for public safety promotional testing, but may also be used for managerial/supervisory testing and development. Candidates complete multiple exercises, such as a role-play exercise, an in-basket exercise, a writing exercise, a presentation, an interview, a tactical exercise, etc. Candidate performance is measured across a series of job-related dimensions comprised of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform in the target rank/job.

CPS HR offers the full range of assessment center services, including job analysis, exam plan development, exercise development, assessor recruitment and training, candidate scheduling and notification, candidate orientation, assessment center administration, candidate feedback reports, validation reports, the finalization of candidates scores, and expert testimony and legal support.

Assessment Center Services

An executive search is a recruitment that identifies and recruits for individuals to fill vacancies in positions of leadership in public agencies, including Board- or Council-appointed positions such as City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney/County Counsel, County Administrator, Executive Director, CEO, General Manager, and department head or mid-management level positions in the areas of communications, community development (planning and building), economic development, finance, human resources, legal, information technology, parks and recreation, public safety (police/fire), public works/engineering, and water/wastewater.

CPS HR specializes in the recruitment and selection of key city, county, special district and non-profit management, professional and technical staff. Working in partnership with the governing body or selection team, we develop customized search strategies that focus on locating and recruiting qualified candidates who match the agency’s unique needs.

Our experienced consultants apply in-depth knowledge of public-agency operations, programs and services to evaluate the parameters you require, to clearly identify the type of individual you need and to locate and recruit the most qualified candidates. Our final evaluation process will culminate in a successful placement.

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CPS HR provides a full array of selection and testing services to meet your agency's hiring needs. Using best practices in the field of employment testing, CPS HR combines innovation with recognized legal standards and guidelines to design and develop a variety of selection tools, including written examinations, interviews, training and experience evaluations, practical/performance examinations, etc. CPS HR offers exam plan development, pass point/standard setting services, item analysis, equating, validation and other psychometric analyses.

Selection Tools Development

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CPS HR offers test and test program administration services that include the full range of selection-related activities:

  • Developing and posting job announcements
  • Reviewing and evaluating candidates' applications and qualifications
  • Reviewing applications for minimum qualification requirements
  • Scheduling and administering testing processes
  • Administering selection processes
These services can be mixed, matched and combined to provide an agency with the most inclusive, outsourced service offering that best meets their test administration needs.

Our test administration services can include all services and tasks associated with planning for and administering written examinations, structured oral interviews, performance tests and/or any combination of these instruments. Specific services that CPS HR can provide in this area include candidate and proctor scheduling, test site arrangements and candidate communications.

Our test program administration services are scalable and can include the complete or near-complete outsourcing of an agency's testing and selection function for one or more job classifications and/or examination/selection processes. CPS HR services can be tailored to meet an agency's specific needs, ensure compliance with your agency's rules and practices and follow professional best practices. Our experts are happy to work one testing project at a time or on an ongoing, partnering basis.

The CPS HR Test Rental team is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality test products and services. As a public agency, we understand the needs of government and not-for-profit agencies,and our employment tests have been developed to meet those specialized needs while providing great value at an economical price.

Professionally Developed, Reliable Employment Tests
Our tests are developed to meet the most stringent psychometric standards and are frequently updated to ensure content relevance as well as to prevent overexposure. Furthermore, our staff of testing experts provides prompt, full-service test rental support from initial order processing through test scoring and follow-up consultation.

Our test rental catalog offers more than 50 types of entry-level and promotional employment tests for a wide range of public agency positions including law enforcement, fire service, clerical, professional, skilled trades and many others.

Why Use CPS HR Employment Testing and Assessment Services?
  • Expert consultation and advice
  • Professional, courteous customer service
  • Free test review copies
  • Detailed scoring results
  • Validation reports
  • Convenient and easy ordering
  • Prompt, secure, nationwide delivery

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