Training & Development

CPS HR offers a comprehensive range of career development courses for both organizations and individuals. The CPS HR experts can even assess your current training plan and recommend a strategy to improve your team’s success in the public sector.

CPS HR has been delivering training since 2004 to those who work in public sector organizations, including federal, state and local agencies, boards, commissions and non-profits. Our curriculum is specifically designed for public sector employees. With more than 150 soft skills courses, CPS HR supports employee development by providing:

  • A professional learning environment
  • Practical materials
  • Experienced instructors
  • Interactive and applied learning experiences
  • Nationwide training

Courses focus on the skills, knowledge and competencies employees need to succeed in today’s public-sector workplace. In addition to the individual open enrollment classes that we offer at CPS HR facilities, we can deliver:

  • Customized or off-the-shelf classes at your workplace. This option provides for greater cost-savings and convenience for employees.
  • Hosted training (an “open enrollment”) at your site.
  • Virtual training. This is a great option for geographically distributed staff.

Career development is a continuous path, not a series of isolated moments. That’s why CPS HR has developed its courses as milestones along that path, so that you and your team members can stay focused on the strategic big picture of your careers.

Do your supervisors have all the skills necessary to be successful in today’s workplace? Supervisors today have to be in command of a wide array of knowledge, skills and competencies to lead their teams and drive organizational excellence. Our supervisory training programs help supervisors succeed at the personal, team and organizational level.

According to Gallup research, supervisors/managers account for up to 70% of variance in employee engagement. Supervisors/managers are most effective when they can create an environment where employees feel motivated to do their best. Browse our list of supervisory training programs which can be taken off-the-shelf or customized.

Program Benefits:

  • Experience interactive learning on foundational topics
  • Have the opportunity to ask any question, big or small
  • Spend valuable time networking with peers

Training Programs:

More supervisory courses >>

Tailor your learning with high impact learning experiences. Choose courses and programs to meet your personal and professional goals. Select from a curated body of courses that explore innovation, negotiation, communications, influence, strategic planning and more.

Gain broad exposure to new insights, knowledge and expertise to meet your personal and professional goals.

Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your capacity for leadership
  • Develop and expand your perspective and approaches to leadership
  • Learn innovative ways to approach and analyze complex issues
  • Enhance your professional network

Training Programs:

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Uncover your potential and move your career forward with one of our executive coaches. Using various assessments and focused conversations, our coaches will help you reveal what it will take to enhance your performance, create a plan to get there and work with you along the way to provide guidance, support and built-in accountability.

  • Assessment tools
  • One-on-one or group sessions
  • Leadership development plans
  • Supplemental support

Each coaching session consists of development planning, thought-provoking learning and self-discovery, tracking and gauging progress, sustaining momentum and renewing commitment, harvesting learning and applying lessons back on the job. Our coaches engage in direct and candid conversations with the coachee that result in the design of an overall approach and program of coaching strategies specific to the person being coached.

Strategies in coaching sessions include:

  • Perceptive questioning
  • Driving accountability
  • Focused problem solving
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Job imbedded application
  • Individual Development Planning
  • Other methods to assist the success of the coaching relationship

Common challenge areas that our coaches address include:

  • Finding and working with blind spots
  • Managing change
  • Relationship-building and collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Performance management
  • Goal-setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Self-image and self-confidence
  • Meeting management and facilitation

Our coaches have both coaching and organizational development backgrounds with extensive experience to address behavioral, emotional and business issues. With various certifications and years of experience coaching, they regularly facilitate breakthrough performance for our clients.

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At CPS HR, the Accelerated Leader 360° Assessment™ consists of 54 behaviors/items spanning 13 competencies and five performance factors (Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Performance, Leading Change and Leading Systems).

This assessment is designed to identify areas for development to help those in leadership roles become better leaders. It also identifies developmental opportunities for others who would benefit from strengthening their leadership competencies.

This standard, off-the-shelf assessment also includes notifications, reports and administrative support. For clients with unique objectives, we also provide custom solutions for survey development, administration, reporting and follow-up.

Workforce Planning

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A Whole New Kind of Learning

Take your learning experience even farther with a brand new way of learning. Blended Learning from CPS HR Consulting is a new format that gives you the best of both worlds. Blended Learning courses combine online coursework with traditional instructor-led classes to give you greater flexibility in the way you participate in your courses, and give you a head start on the knowledge you gain.

Perform online pre-coursework when it best fits your schedule within a range of time prior to classroom instruction. You’re then prepared to participate in classroom sessions already equipped with preliminary knowledge. Many courses extend the learning opportunity beyond the classroom with follow up assignments and an online forum.

Check out some of the upcoming courses in the new blended format:

  • Basic Supervision I
  • Basic Supervision II
  • Applied Professional Workshop
  • Applying Analytical Skills Workshop
  • Coaching for Success
  • Completed Staff Work

Gain valuable and marketable skills in specific areas by enrolling in CPS HR’s training programs. Designed to provide participants with certification in an industry or discipline, these programs will help you continue to grow in a field or learn valuable skills in a new area. Check out the available programs below:

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training >> 
The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course offered by CPS HR Consulting in conjunction with ACWA JPIA fulfills the California requirement for supervisors, managers, and staff.

HR Academy >> 
Specially designed to address the unique human resources needs of the public sector, our HR Academy trains those new to the field but can also help your more experienced practitioners enhance their skills. The six course series results in an HR certificate and qualifies for HRCI credits.

Risk Management Practitioner >> 
This certificate program, comprised of 5 courses, helps the risk management practitioner learn the full scope of risk management responsibilities and how to establish, develop and embed risk management as a business process in a public sector organization.