Succession Planning Toolkit

All the resources you need to develop your own succession plan…simply, effectively and strategically!

Now, instead of reacting to workforce changes and employee turnover after the fact, public agencies can be proactive, take control and develop a plan of action for future success. The Succession Planning Toolkit from CPS HR Consulting will walk you through 5 simple steps and includes tools and templates to help you identify, prepare and develop future leaders more effectively. In these times of a rapidly-changing workforce, this Toolkit is exactly what your agency needs to manage its future – in an easy-to-follow DIY package.

This Toolkit was developed with you in mind to help agencies just like yours.

The Toolkit:

  • Develops a strategic staffing analysis and workforce plan.
  • Lays out simple steps to help you implement your own program.
  • Guides you in determining the positions that are critical to your agency.
  • Helps you identify the right people for succession.
  • Provides best practices for developing future leaders, transferring appropriate competencies and protecting critical knowledge.
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Don’t leave your agency vulnerable to the whims of a changing workforce. Order your Succession Planning Toolkit and take charge today!

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