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SM6899B Grounds Maintenance Worker Test Rental

These tests measure the basic abilities required for service and maintenance jobs. When you hire service and maintenance personnel, you want people who will do the job right. Our tests will help you find the best-qualified candidates.

Knowledge and Care of Plants, Shrubs and Trees 15
Lawn Propagation and Maintenance 20
Knowlege of Tools, Equipment and General Construction 25
Safe Work Practices 30
Mathematical Ability and Critical Thinking 10
Total number of items 100
Total time   2 hr  
Request a Review Copy

Request a Review Copy

In order to receive a review copy, you must be employed by a public agency and be requesting the review copy on behalf of your agency. Review copies will not be provided to individual test candidates.

The CPS HR Test Rental team may call you for additional information. Please feel free to call us at 916-263-1800.