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Remote Employment Testing Services

Are you looking for remote employment testing services? CPS HR can help you meet your testing requirements/needs in a virtual environment with unproctored testing as well as remote proctor options. We offer scalable solutions that provide test options that both align with a candidate's schedule, and provide for a positive candidate experience.

Unproctored Testing

  • Hogan Personality Assessment ‐ Starting at $7.50 per report, Hogan Personality Assessments can provide additional insight into your hiring process.
  • CPS HR General Skills Exam ‐ This 50‐item exam covers basic numerical skills, English language skills, and reading comprehension.
  • Online Skills Tests via eSkill ‐ CPS HR has partnered with eSkill to provide several online skills tests, including Microsoft Office, Computer Skills, IT/Software, Clerical and Office, Accounting and Finance, Industrial, Staffing, and HR Services.

Remote Proctor Services

Most of our stock, semi‐stock, and agency exams are available for this service. We do not offer exams that contain an oral passage through this service. Candidates will self‐schedule for an exam and are recorded and monitored by a live proctor throughout their administration session. We ask that you place your order 2 to 3 weeks prior to the desired testing window. Candidates must have access to a computer/laptop with a webcam and a built‐in microphone. Due to current high demand, remote proctor testing availability may be limited, and candidates may experience delays in connecting with a proctor at their scheduled time.