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Agile Leadership Applied


This half-day workshop introduces Agile, explains key roles, activities, and documentation to the management leaders of the organization. The adoption of an Agile approach for project delivery will have a higher rate of success if the leaders of the organization understand the Agile mindset and demonstrate the behavioral changes needed at the executive and management levels for an organizational transformation. The session provides both presentation material and leadership activities to allow participants to apply their learnings about how management's role should change to support Agile/Scrum teams. Comparisons to the traditional waterfall approach to projects are included.

The course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in state service.

Supervisors and managers
  • Identify agile fundamentals
  • Describe agile methodologies
  • Identify key value-driven development and adaptive planning techniques
  • Define and leverage collaboration with customers, teams, and management