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Anger Management Techniques


This one-day workshop is for all employees who wish to improve their working or personal relationships and reduce their own or another’s anger and anxiety. This class may also prove valuable to those who either manage or have a relationship with people who seemingly are incapable of controlling their tempers.

During this class, you will identify the specific root causes of anger, and receive the tools and understanding to either reduce or eliminate these internalized resentments. Anger is a natural emotion, but hurt feelings or continuing resentments must be controlled or directed to less dangerous avenues.

All staff members who wish to improve working relationships
  • Identify the nine styles of anger
  • Identify a specific demonstrated style of anger (either your own or another’s style) and set a plan of action to reduce the effects of that anger
  • Recognize the four-step pattern of anger and how to alter/change that pattern
  • Diagnose how anger and anxiety damages our physical and mental well being
  • Overcome the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and anger
  • Learn to relax and laugh again – fully enjoy your life, your workplace and yourself
  • Recognize cultural, gender and age differences in handling anger