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Business Writing Fundamentals


Business Writing has different demands and expectations, compared with the writing you may have done for school. Learn to shine in your career by writing clear, actionable, professional emails and documents.

Professional success depends on clear, thoughtful communication. You can use your Business Writing to both inform and connect with your readers. Your readers will appreciate writing that's clear, concise, and respectful.

This course will help you put your best foot forward professionally and develop strong relationships with your readers. This self-paced course includes strategies, examples, and practice opportunities.

  • Adapt your writing to different situations
  • Understand the differences between academic and business writing expectations
  • Consider your reader's needs, values, constraints, and preferences
  • Apply practical strategies to make your writing more clear and concise
  • Begin your message with a clear main point
  • Write intentionally for your readers and to meet goals
  • Write actionably to support your readers and meet business outcomes