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Coaching as a Management Tool


This session looks at a shift in approach to managing employees that lends itself more to coaching than traditional top-down management. Technology and workplace changes have given employees more autonomy and freedom to be selective about priorities. The prominence of knowledge workers requires a different style of managing than the command-and-control regimen of the past.

At its core, coaching revolves around asking questions that help people discover the answers that are right for them. It stretches employees’ thinking so they can be more creative in their decision making, solve problems on their own, and enjoy more clarity and innovation. This session affords managers and supervisors a new approach and specific tools to engage and elicit high performance from employees.

The course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in state service.

Supervisors or managers

• Identify candidates who would most benefit from coaching

• Discover methods to begin that process

• Understand when to manage, when to coach and why

• Learn the four key foundational elements of successful coaching

• Discover ways to establish and maintain trust in coaching relationships

• Learn and practice key communication tools essential to coaching

• Identify next steps and action plans