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Communicating With Empathy Course


Communication Skills

Participants of our Communicating With Empathy Course will be instructed on how to respond to customer needs by utilizing the funnel method of questioning, open ended questions, probing questions, and closed questions. The class will also be instructed on words associated with professional verbiage and how to effectively use them in a work environment. They will also learn TED questions, Tell, Explain, Describe.

Empathic Listening

Attendees will learn fundamentals of effective listening involving listening with the head, the heart, the eyes, and the ears. The heart hears what the customer is feeling, the ears hear what the customer is saying, the head deciphers what the customer is requesting, the eyes determine what the customer is meaning. Participants will be taught how identify and filter through the noise associated while communicating with their customers. Some of the noise may include emotion, culture, generational, ethos. Participants will learn how to listen objectively and respond with empathy.

Appropriate for all levels
  • Learn to communicate more clearly by using appropriate verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Learn how word choice can help or hinder successful communication
  • Give and receive feedback effectively
  • Assess the effects of different communication styles on the speaker and the listener
  • Recognize and avoid poor listening habits
  • Listen effectively to co-workers and customers
  • Practice skills learned in class to improve compassionate communication and empathetic listening