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Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing Training Course


More and more public sector organizations are experiencing the real benefits that result from abandoning traditional employee selection approaches in favor of competency-based behavioral interviews. Behavioral interviews – sometimes called performance-based interviews – are based on the premise that past behavior (or performance) is the best predictor of future behavior (or performance). However, the real benefits of behavior based interviewing can only be realized when those responsible for making hiring decisions have the skill and understanding to conduct behavioral interviews well.

This one-day course is designed for hiring supervisors and managers and HR professionals responsible for or involved in recruitment and selection work.

Anyone conducting interviews or involved in the selection process

• Understand why “traditional” interviewing styles often result in hiring the best “talkers” rather than the best “performers”

• Identify the competencies that will serve as your “shopping list” when making hiring decisions

• Describe the advantages of the behavior-based interview approach

• Practice how to design behavior-based interview questions

• Develop skills through classroom practice in the art of conducting the behavioral interview by asking the right follow-up probing questions

• Learn the best approach to scoring the behavior-based interview

• Identify “disqualifiers” that gone unnoticed result in “hiring disasters”