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Completed Staff Work


This course for analysts will prepare you to effectively recommend solutions to management problems. The completed staff work process results in an actual product that will require only the manager’s signature to implement recommendations.

Note: You should bring an example of a problem that you are working on or might work on in the future. It should be a problem that is expected to be resolved with a recommendation to your management. By working on a current work problem, you will be able to partially complete and receive feedback on your assignment.

Analysts at any level. Beginning analysts will find new tools and advanced analysts will sharpen their analytical skills.

• Identify a problem and write an effective problem statement

• Select valid resources and develop a work plan

• Sort, organize, and display data in support of your recommendation

• Prepare a priority matrix

• Use techniques of divergent and convergent thinking

• Analyze and evaluate alternatives

• Write a strong recommendation and implementation plan