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Developed through years of expertise, CPS HR teaches up-to-date skills applicable on the job.

Customer Service in the Public Sector


Today’s customers are more demanding, less tolerant, and increasingly impatient. Though from divergent cultural backgrounds and languages, one thing today’s customers have in common is they want it all, NOW. This one-day workshop builds on your already positive and professional service relationships and will help you go one step further to provide exceptional customer service.

Appropriate for all levels

• Appreciate how vital excellent customer service is to my organization

• Provide quality customer care to both INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL customers

• Overcome judgment behaviors, accents, cultural barriers, and preconceived negative attitudes

• Maximize non-verbal communications channels including telephone, text, and e-mail

• Control and direct angry, frustrated, or upset customers

• Apply active listening, modeling and separation techniques to provide exceptional service

• Partner with customers in finding solutions to problems• Learn simple techniques to take customer service beyond expectations