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Design and Deliver Dynamite Virtual Training


Training in a virtual environment presents us with challenges and opportunities. This two day workshop will equip you to both create compelling curriculum and facilitate an interactive, online class.

On Day 1, you’ll build an outline for a virtual class and learn PowerPoint techniques for maximum visual interest.

On Day 2, you’ll explore and practice tools for engaging learners via an online platform.

Appropriate for all levels

Virtual Curriculum Design

  • Develop a virtual class from scratch
  • Reimagine a traditional class in a virtual format
  • Build a dynamic slide deck that captures and keeps your learners’ attention
  • Present a unified look throughout your supporting materials

Virtual Instruction Techniques

  • Develop your baseline virtual-teaching skillset, adaptable to all curriculum
  • Build community in your virtual classroom
  • Use eight online tools for maximum engagement
  • Manage your time online
  • Keep learners’ attention despite environmental distractions