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Discovering and Working with Your Talents and Strengths


This class focuses on helping you learn when and how you are at your best: when your talents and strengths are engaged in your work and life. In class you will learn about the current research and practice of strengths-based work. You will take the Gallup StrengthsFinder™ assessment, and the class will give you a deeper understanding of your strengths and how to develop and use them for peak performance and maximum job satisfaction. The class includes group and individual exercises to help participants understand and practice bringing their strengths into their work environment every day.

Appropriate for all levels

• Discover your top five Signature Themes of talent, based on the StrengthsFinder™ assessment

• Become familiar with your full theme descriptions, insights report, and through these grow in awareness of your strengths

• Connect your Signature Themes, insight reports and action items to your specific work

• Participate in group exercises to explore your strengths and how they relate to others' strengths in the workplace

• Gain understanding in bringing talents and strengths to a team environment

• Develop strategies to manage around, and not focus on, weaknesses