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Essential Analytical Skills


This is an introductory workshop for analytical skills. Participants will develop their skills to analyze and problem solve. If you are a new analyst or are considering a career as analyst, this program will help you understand the role of the analyst and the basic skills required. It will also give you the opportunity to perform assignments typical to a government analyst. You will be able to assess your interest and skill level in performing analytical work and build your knowledge and confidence to advance within government services. Identify the role of the staff analyst in state service and contrast it with the role of the manager. List the seven steps of systematic analysis. Recognize different types of data and their application. Design a data collection survey. Apply a spreadsheet methodology to diagnose a problem. Recognize report formats commonly used by state analysts.

  • Verify and clarify analytical work assignments using effective communication techniques
  • Determine your style and approach to analytical work
  • Utilize various techniques for analyzing and displaying data
  • List ways to research an analytical assignment