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Grammar and Punctuation Foundations Course


Is your grammar and punctuation handbook collecting dust on your shelf? Why do so many writers guess at the “rules” rather than look them up? Could it be those frightening grammar terms, such as antecedent, dependent clause, and subjunctive mood? And does the question mark go inside the closing quotation or outside? Whether you write or review documents, you will be more confident once you know the grammar and punctuation rules. In this one-day grammar and punctuation course, we will review the basics of grammar, with a focus on sentence structure and syntax. As we identify and correct common grammatical errors, you will become informed drafters, making changes to your own documents as well as to those of others, not because “it sounds better,” but because you know the rules.

Appropriate for all levels

• Review the nuts and bolts of sentence structure

• Review correct use of commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes

• Identify and correct the run-on, comma splice, and fragment errors

• Review rules of subject-verb agreement

• Review rules of pronoun-antecedent agreement

• Discuss common grammar myths, such as beginning sentences with “because,” ending sentences with prepositions, and splitting infinitives