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How to Create Sustainable Change


High performing organizations are not only focusing of the diversity of its workforce, but also on how that workforce reflects a culture of equity and inclusion. Inclusion addresses how well the organization shares power, access, and resources with all elements of the workforce, particularly those elements which represent marginalized and/or underrepresented groups of the organization. This module will discuss effective ways in which organizations may become more inclusive through operationalizing DEI into every business unit of the organization.

This course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in state service.

Appropriate for all levels.
  • Understand inclusive leadership competencies
  • Understand the importance of inclusion and the role of an inclusive leader
  • Learn to make equity and inclusion a core tenet of your organization
  • Develop strategies to integrate equity and inclusion into your organization