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Insurance Administration, Review and Risk Transfer


This course is part of a five-session hybrid certificate program provides the foundational understanding of risk management practices in the public sector. The Hybrid online course combines self-paced eLearning with a live, virtual instructor-led session. The eLearning will take roughly two hours to complete and needs to be completed prior to your live virtual training.

This workshop will help public entity practitioners learn about the complex, and sometimes confusing, world of insurance to protect their organization and manage risk. The workshop will also help participants successfully administer their organization’s insurance and self-insurance programs.

Risk Management assistants, workers’ compensation specialists, human resource analysts/assistants and front-line supervisors who are responsible for some aspect of risk management

• Increase their knowledge of primary insurance, excess insurance, and risk-pooling Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs)

• Gain strategies for building more effective relationships with insurance brokers

• Identify and explore risk transfer options (insurance, self-insurance, and pooling)

• Increase their understanding of deductibles and self-insured retentions

• Demonstrate an understanding of the contractual transfer of risk process

• Use loss runs and actuarial studies to make more informed decisions

• Identify contractual language that could either lessen or increase risk

• Use data to select appropriate ancillary services, loss control, and safety training

• Identify key steps and decisions in the program placement and annual renewals process

• Use Certificates of Insurance as a critical means of ensuring risk transfer and complying with contract terms

• Become familiar with the importance of procurement and individual agency insurance requirements (verifying, reducing or waiving)