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Managing You Managing This


In this moment we are living in an unprecedented new normal. How you manage you in the face of the changes, adaptations required, and internal as well as external flexibility will either strengthen you or weaken your ability to recover. This session will give you internal tools for managing the mindset, emotions, and behaviors that are arising. It will be an opportunity for reflection as well as decision making in terms of what you want to use going forward and what new actions you may want to take.

Appropriate for all levels

• What kind of mindset are you exhibiting right now?

• What kind of adaptations are you making and what does that say about your ability to manage change?

• What are you learning about yourself that you couldn’t have learned any other way?

• Learn a release technique that will bring you more awareness and emotional release for what you might be experiencing

• Learn to let go of things that may be bothersome

• Develop the mindset of asking really good questions to move you forward in any scenario

• Leave with more relaxation and an ability to move forward with greater strengths