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Developed through years of expertise, CPS HR teaches up-to-date skills applicable on the job.

Online Collaboration (three 2-hour sessions)

Collaboration is at the heart of effective Project Management. Online and In-Person, Project Teams need to share a common vision, identify and manage risks, leverage individual skills, focus on completing their objectives, and maximize real-time communication. But the skills needed to engage and interact online are subtly and dynamically different than the skills needed to be effective in-person. In today’s challenging climate, people are under pressure to find ways to utilize technology to stay connected with team members and maintain productivity with minimal or no face-to-face contact. In the past, you had people and resources right at your fingertips or just down the hall. It was easy to meet in-person and collaboratively develop a solution. Today, people and resources are spread over a large distance, mandating new tools and creative solutions. The best alternative to a face-to-face meeting is Online Collaboration. When collaborating online, your Team and Stakeholders can see you, hear you, share documents, and connect in real-time. You can do almost everything that you do in a face-to-face meeting online and more. Project Teams that can confidently and seamlessly utilize Online Collaboration tools achieve their Project goals by increasing the quality and efficiency of their communication skills, saving time, money, and reducing frustration.