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Overview of Public Sector Exposures and Risk Management


This course is part of a five-session hybrid certificate program provides the foundational understanding of risk management practices in the public sector. The Hybrid online course combines self-paced eLearning with a live, virtual instructor-led session. The eLearning will take roughly two hours to complete and needs to be completed prior to your live virtual training.

This workshop is designed to help public entity practitioners manage their organization’s risk and exposure by ensuring a basic knowledge of the relevant laws, foundations, and applications of Risk Management as a profession. Participants will also gain key concepts and tools related to the unique loss exposures faced by public entities.

Risk Management assistants, workers’ compensation specialists, human resource analysts/assistants and front-line supervisors who are responsible for some aspect of risk management

• Acquire a sound, contextual understanding of how Risk Management impacts the overall financial health of public entities

• Define and explain the purpose of Risk Management in the public sector, comparing and contrasting “Traditional” with “Enterprise” Risk Management

• Define the core competencies of the Risk Management profession

• Explain how the historical development of Risk Management in the public sector has evolved into today’s practices

• Explore the pros and cons of different ways to practice Risk Management within a public entity

• Explain basic concepts of laws and regulations that commonly involve public sector risk management, such as Public Records Act Requests, the Brown Act, and HIPAA

• Learn and apply the fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis in the context of Risk Management

• Demonstrate understanding of the components and purpose Certificates of Insurance The basic concepts of laws and regulations that impact the Risk Management profession, such as Public Records Act Requests, the Brown Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)