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Pitch-Perfect Communication in a Virtual World


Communication is essential as we adapt to the reality of working from home. Managers and employees need structure, assurance, and tools for managing change as we navigate the challenging task of doing our jobs differently.

This course helps both groups managers and employees adapt to remote work with efficiency and emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to plan for and participate in virtual meetings with maximum effectiveness. And, you’ll upgrade your ability to email with clarity and care.

Appropriate for all levels.

1. Accepting a new approach

  • How is communication different now?
  • How can we best communicate with our coworkers and clients?
  • What’s at stake if we don’t change?

2. Choosing the right communication tool

  • Pros and cons of common tools
  • Thinking creatively about available tools
  • Flowchart to help you choose the best method

3. Meeting virtually with emotional intelligence

  • See meetings from a new perspective
  • Plan for virtual meetings for maximum efficiency
  • Participate in virtual meetings with maximum attention and courtesy

4. Composing email that’s concise yet complete

  • Strategies for keeping it short, but thorough
  • MS tools to improve quality
  • The three golden rules of email