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Strategic Conversations: A New Way of Strategic Planning


Developing your leadership ability for strategic thinking and planning, coupled with the skills to engage in strategic conversations significantly improves your value as a leader. Organizations poised for growth and success have leaders who are adopting strategic thinking as an on-going way of doing business and strategic planning that engages employees across the whole organization as well as external stakeholders. They engage everyone in developing agile plans, cycles of experimentation and learning, innovation, and measuring actions against relevant metrics.

The course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in state service.

Managers and supervisors

• Identify common opportunities to foster strategic conversations

• Understand how to apply SOAR to support those conversations

• Craft SOAR-based questions to inspire effective strategic conversations

• Understand how the two Appreciative Inquiry practices—positive framing and generative questions—apply to the5-D Cycle

• Recognize and frame opportunities for strategic conversations at multiple levels of the organization

• Initiate a plan-of-action to use SOAR, Quick SOAR, or the 5-D Cycle to host a strategic conversation or strategic planning event

• Share a prototype for your strategic conversation and receive feed forward