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The Challenging Customer


Participants will be instructed on four behavior types, the angry customer, the frustrated customer, the worried or anxious customer, and the fearful customer. Participants will be taught that challenging behaviors follow a traceable pattern and each behavior functions from a set of values. Attendees will be instructed on how to positively respond and not become emotionally manipulated. Challenging Behaviors will be classified so that employees have a clear understanding of how to identify, address, and assist challenging behavior types. These challenging behaviors include: The Raging Bull, The Time Bomb, The Pessimist, The Sherman Tank, and The Ambiguous. Participants will be taught a step-by-step process of controlling the conversation, redirecting the customer, staying focused, maintaining emotional independence, and deescalating abrasive behavior.

Appropriate for all levels
  • Gain insight into four customer behavior types and five challenging behavior types
  • Identify common difficult behaviors and how to effectively respond
  • Practice steps for dealing with difficult customers
  • Improve interactions with difficult customers