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The Delicate Art of Persuasion


Our ability to persuade is an essential skill that plays a role in every aspect of our life. We’re persuading when we’re trying to get buy-in on our ideas. We’re persuading when we’re making recommendations on a project. We’re persuading when we’re requesting resources to fund a program. We’re persuading when we want co-workers (or our boss) to listen and take action. We’re even persuading when we’re interacting with family members on their issues.

While many people believe that the ability to persuade is a trait that we are born with; the Delicate Art of Persuasion is actually a learned process. Developing a process for persuading people makes the business of getting buy-in and getting things done easier and ensures results.

The Delicate Art of Persuasion is a great course for people at all levels of their career. Whether you are new to the art of persuasion or an experienced veteran of the process, you will walk away with practical usable tools that will make an immediate difference in your life

Appropriate for all levels

• Build trust and rapport quickly

• Effectively question to uncover people’s wants and needs

• Build persuasive justifications that make business sense

• Present persuasive solutions that motivate people to action

• Resolve individual’s concerns

• Gain commitment to your ideas