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The Exceptional Leader - Strategies for Bettering Your Best


Being an exceptional leader is not accidental. Many think leading and managing are the same thing—they are not. Learn when to manage and when to lead. The majority of highly effective leaders share twelve common traits. These are strengths you can begin applying immediately to make you more effective. These traits give a significant boost to your Leadership Presence and enhance others' belief in you. During this course you will learn how to uncover another person’s motivation drivers. Once you know this, you can apply the Motivation Strategy and help your people excel. In this program you will gain practices for stimulating needed change while lowering the possibility of your team feeling overwhelmed or burning out. As change occurs there may be conflict. During this program you will analyze your own conflict style and know how to recognize the styles most frequently used. Knowing your own conflict style helps you be a driver of change while keeping your vision and goals on track.

The course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in State service.

Supervisors, managers and leaders

• Learn the distinctions between leading and managing, and when and where to apply each style

• Gain the twelve attributes of highly successful leaders and the formula for using them

• Know how to build leadership presence for greater credibility, acceptance and influence

• Learn the Motivation Strategy for triggering instant action

• Understand feelings of being overwhelmed and how to overcome it for yourself and your team

• Evaluate your style of dealing with conflict and how to lead through conflict

• Learn the steps to anger and how to manage an angry person

• Know how to be a more persuasive communicator and create buy-in to what you want done

• Learn a system for leading through change so you lessen the automatic resistance to it