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The Supervisor's Guide to Developing a Successful Employee Relationship

1-Day Course

This course is comprised of five modules and a final capstone. Each module focuses on an essential component of developing and sustaining a culture of engagement within the organization. Taught by master instructor/facilitator, Mark Stephens, you will come away from this training class with concrete and actionable tools and strategies for supporting and engaging your team.


Module #1: Legal and Powerful Interviewing

Creating and conducting an effective interview is one of the most powerful opportunities to find good employees. Interviewing is the starting point for creating strong employment relationships and the process requires a lot of thought and preparation. This session seeks to remove the guesswork from the interview process and give you a legal and reliable system to proactively make a great hire for your team.

Module #2: Onboarding

Onboarding requires a period of time, effort, and energy where leadership throughout the organization makes a commitment to show the new employee that they are a valued part of the organization. Onboarding does not have to be elaborate to be effective. This session offers information on the value of an onboarding program.

Module #3: Delivering Effective Feedback and Coaching

Feedback helps supervisors connect our intentions with our behaviors. Without appropriate and timely feedback, others are forced to make assumptions about how they are perceived by other people. This can create risk, misunderstanding, and conflict. Coaching is an extension of feedback opportunities. This session offers coaching skills that support sustainable change while also facilitating employee learning and development.

Module #4: Performance Evaluations

This session discusses the value and importance of the performance evaluation. It’s not just about compensation. The performance evaluation is a time to close the books on past performance and plan for the next steps in an employee’s growth.

Module #5: Discipline and Separation from Employment

This session offers steps to develop accurate and succinct documentation to support a disciplinary action. Further, this session will review how to separate an employee from employment with grace and dignity whenever possible.

Module #6: Summary and Capstone

This session reviews topics such as what employees want, how respect and choices affect employee relationships, and the way character impacts the work environment. The critical learning points will be discussed and applied through role-playing scenarios and other activities.