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Women in Leadership: The Remote Leader

1-day course

Managing remotely requires updating some of your existing practices and adding a few new ones. This class gives you practical ideas to upgrade your management toolbox. We’ll discuss creative ways to motivate and engage your remote team. We’ll also consider how to better manage performance in the remote environment, like setting expectations and giving (and receiving) feedback.

The Women in Leadership Series is comprised of seven courses. Complete all courses in this series to receive a Women in Leadership Certificate.

The course meets the requirements of Government Code 19995.4(c) of 20-hours of continuing professional education biennially for all levels of supervisors in state service.

Women in leadership roles who wish to increase their personal power in more authentic ways.
  • Enhance your relationship with your remote team through trust, empathy, and autonomy
  • Successfully manage the performance of your remote workers
  • Maintain work continuity through shared expectations
  • Give meaningful feedback more effectively and frequently