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Workers’ Compensation


This course is part of a five-session hybrid certificate program provides the foundational understanding of risk management practices in the public sector. The Hybrid online course combines self-paced eLearning with a live, virtual instructor-led session. The eLearning will take roughly two hours to complete and needs to be completed prior to your live virtual training.

This workshop will help public entity practitioners understand the purpose and history of Workers’ Compensation and gain a deep understanding of the legal work that includes enforcement agencies and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). Participants will learn how to effectively administer standard workers’ compensation and employer’s liability policies within their agencies. This will include claims administration issues such as recordkeeping, reserving, and various audits, including actuarial reports.

Risk Management assistants, workers’ compensation specialists, human resource analysts/assistants and front-line supervisors who are responsible for some aspect of risk management

• Gain insight into the development and history of Workers’ Compensation

• Identify benefits available to injured workers, along with the core concept of “exclusive remedy”

• Increase your knowledge of California-specific laws and regulations, including the Labor Code, the Code of Regulations, and important administrative players, such as the WCAB

• Increase your awareness of the employer’s duty to secure the compensation insurance and the various forms of permissible insurance, including self-insurance and pooling

• Become familiar with the principle of “AOE/COE” – Arising out of Employment/Course of Employment

• Become familiar with the principles of claims investigation, including: acceptance, delay and investigation, or denial; the use of “sub rosa” or surveillance

• Explore the components of temporary disability, salary continuation and coordination of benefits including Labor Code section 4850 (Public safety/law enforcement employees and relevant previsions of the California Education Code

• Learn the components of working with Workers’ Compensation within the public sector

• Understand affirmative defenses for employers

• Understand the use of settlements including compromise and release, stipulations with future medical and the use of structured settlements

• Explore litigation within Workers’ Compensation

• Enhance Awareness of supporting agency interests through appointment, contribution and subrogation