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Business Writing Skills Course


What’s the difference between passive and active voice? Is it affect or effect? How should I begin? What will be my tone? Do you ever feel as though your skills would benefit from a good business writing skills course? Having effective communication skills at work is essential for creating clear, professional emails, letters, summaries or reports in a timely manner. Once your business writing skills begin to improve, you will feel more confident whenever you must write to colleagues and clients. Writing Letters, Memos, and Email is an intensive one-day training workshop that will offer valuable information and fun group activities to build the foundation for successful business writing.

Appropriate for all levels

• Identify and practice the five elements of effective writing

• Learn the importance of an effective writing process

• Know how to use plain language: clear, concise, organized

• Understand how a well-defined purpose serves as a compass for any writing task

• Write to meet the needs of both your agency and your readers

• Identify the appropriate tone for business writing