Digital Skills

Digital Skills for the Public Sector

The nature of work has changed and continues to evolve at a rapid pace leading to a new set of skills needed in the workplace – digital skills.   

How are you preparing your workforce to step into new technologies, new roles and create innovative solutions for those you serve?


Technology Courses

Bridging the Technological Gap of Analytical Work

The work of an analyst spans the use of multiple computer programs—Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams, just to name a few. While we may know how to perform individual tasks in each program, how do we bridge the gap between all of them to create one fluid system in which the data that you manipulate in Excel flows easily in to the report that you write in Word, the slides that you create in PowerPoint, and the virtual presentation you give in Teams? These training courses will build your confidence in integrating your analytical work across multiple platforms. You have learned your analytical skills on the job and through training such as Completed Staff Work, now take those skills to the next level with technological integration.

The first session of this three-part course guides you through the process of cleaning up raw data and using pivot tables to make it readable, making it easy for you to integrate into a consumable document.