Digital Skills

Digital Skills for the Public Sector

The nature of work has changed and continues to evolve at a rapid pace leading to a new set of skills needed in the workplace – digital skills.   

How are you preparing your workforce to step into new technologies, new roles and create innovative solutions for those you serve?


Technology Courses

Access Database Level 1

Access Level 1 is a two-day instructor-led course that provides the basic concepts and skills to start using Microsoft Access: How to navigate the Access interface, and how to create and modify tables, queries, forms, and reports. You will benefit most from this course if you want to gain a basic understanding of Access and be able to design and create simple tables, queries, forms, and reports.

Access Database Level 2

Access Level 2 is a two-day instructor-led course that provides the concepts and skills for the advanced use of Microsoft Access: How to create advanced queries, forms, and reports, how to create macros, and how to manage your databases.

Acrobat Fundamentals

In this course students will learn how to create and use PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat. You will learn how to safeguard your work with the various security features and how to produce high quality PDFs for printing purposes. PDFs are widely used throughout document handling. This course will ensure you have the skills needed to work with those PDF’s.

Bridging the Technological Gap of Analytical Work

The work of an analyst spans the use of multiple computer programs—Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams, just to name a few. While we may know how to perform individual tasks in each program, how do we bridge the gap between all of them to create one fluid system in which the data that you manipulate in Excel flows easily in to the report that you write in Word, the slides that you create in PowerPoint, and the virtual presentation you give in Teams? These training courses will build your confidence in integrating your analytical work across multiple platforms.

Excel Level 1

Our Excel Level 1 is a one-day instructor-led course that provides the basic concepts and skills students need to start being productive with Microsoft Excel: how to create, save, share, and print worksheets that contain various kinds of calculations and formatting. This course, and the two that come after, map to the objectives of the Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert exams for Excel.

Excel Level 2

Excel Level 2 is a one-day instructor-led course that provides more advanced tools for analysis and presentation of complex, realistic data in Microsoft Excel: how to manage complex workbooks, build more complex functions, use data analysis tools, make an impact with powerful chart and presentation features, and collaborate with other users.

Excel Level 3

Excel Level 3 is a one-day instructor-led course that builds on the concepts and skills of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses to provide advanced tools for solving real-world problems in Microsoft Excel: lookup and decision-making functions, auditing and error-handling, array functions, date and text functions, importing and exporting, what-if-analysis, and macros.

Excel Pivot Tables

Excel Pivot Tables is a one-day instructor-led course that covers the powerful feature in Excel that enables you to manipulate data with simple dragging and dropping. Pivot tables allow you to sort, filter, group, count, summate, and format data easily and efficiently. Unlike our other Excel courses, this class focuses specifically on Pivot Tables.

Excel VBA

VBA Introduction is a two-day instructor-led course that covers using VBA in Excel. The functionality and power of adding VBA to your spreadsheets will be explored allowing complete automation of your Workbooks. This course will introduce the student to programing fundamentals and give the student a solid background is programming in Excel.