CPS HR Consulting

June 2024 HR Webinar Series: Developing an Executive Recruitment Strategy that Attracts the Right Candidates

Attracting highly-qualified candidates has become increasingly difficult as public sector organizations navigate our current unprecedented environment – post COVID (does anybody want to go to the office anymore?); the Boomers really are finally retiring; and, the ever present “My Boss Offered Me 25% More to Stay” Syndrome! These circumstances make it more critical than ever to create robust recruitment plans that attract the candidates you need to be successful.

Our presentation will highlight three areas where you can focus your attention to ensure your positions are seen and sourced to the candidates you are seeking: Marketing – How to Get the Biggest Bang for your Buck; Outreach –Reaching those Unicorn Candidates; and, Candidate Assessment – Are Just Interviews Really Enough?

*Please note that CPS HR does not provide training certificates for our monthly HR Webinar Series*